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Food addiction is simply being addicted to foods . Food provide nutrients needed by the body for it growth , however for many individuals , food addiction can become as serious as alcoholism ,drug addiction and other forms of addiction .    EARLY SIGNS OF FOOD ADDICTION. Here’s a sample of questions that can help determineContinue reading “FOOD ADDICTION AND ITS RECOVERY”

Addiction to Prescribed Drugs

Can a person become addicted to medications prescribed by a doctor? Yes. There are people who abuse prescribed drugs, that is taking them in a manner or a dose other than prescribed. Do you know prescribed drugs are pharmaceutical drugs that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed. A medical doctor or physician writesContinue reading “Addiction to Prescribed Drugs”


WHAT IS IT?THE GENESISHeya, this blogging platform is here to make you understand everything you need to know about addiction, from the common ones you have heard about to the uncommon ones you have not even thought of or considered as addiction.We cannot delve into the subject of addiction without knowing what the term ‘addiction’Continue reading “WHAT IS IT? THE GENESIS”