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Addiction to Prescribed Drugs

Can a person become addicted to medications prescribed by a doctor? Yes. There are people who abuse prescribed drugs, that is taking them in a manner or a dose other than prescribed. Do you know prescribed drugs are pharmaceutical drugs that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed. A medical doctor or physician writes a prescription based on your medical history, symptoms and other factors. These helps the doctor to decide which medication to give and which not to.

Early signs of prescribed drug addiction Behavioral changes could be key indicators. According to Mayo Clinic, those signs can include:
•Stealing pills
•Forging prescription
•Sleeping more or less than usual
•Seeming energetic, revved up, or high on frequent basis
•Claiming medication “loss” so you must purchase more

Symptoms of prescribed drug addiction
The following are symptoms of prescribed drug addiction.
•Impaired coordination
•Excessive sweating
•Limited attention span

Do you know that drug addiction affects the brain?
When you develop an addiction, the brain craves the reward of the substance due to the intense stimulation of the brain’s reward system.

Below is a video of how the body absorbs and uses medicine.

Chart of National Drug Overdose Death Involving Any Opioid,
Number Among All Ages, by Gender, 1999 – 2017

How to recover
Drug treatment is intended to help you the addictive individual stop compulsive drug seeing and use. Recovery process means getting you creative treatment options. According to Current Pain Perspectives, clinicians might recommend:
•Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•Aerobics exercise
•Support groups
•Meaningful hobbies
These steps are used in addiction treatment programs which leads to remarkable changes. You aren’t alone. You deserve help. We are here to help you get clean and stay that way.

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