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Young Adults tend to like issues related to sex like porn. Ever thought about why? Well Individuals between the ages of 15-21 tend to have strong sexual desires due to the hormonal imbalances associated with adolescence. This could have adverse effect on individuals when they are exposed to pornographic material. All these make them addicted. As an addict doctor, I’m here to educate you more on porn addiction.


Pornographic addiction Is an obsessive need to view sexually enticing images to the detriment of actual interaction.
However, there are signs and symptoms of one being labelled as a porn addict and these include:
• Excessively viewing of pornography.

• Sexual dysfunction. {E.g. impotence, premature ejaculation}.

• More time spent watching pornography is needed to get you aroused before a sexual encounter.

• Masturbating may be a clear sign of porn addiction.

Furthermore, pornography addiction cam hamper an individuals mental health and have some negative effects which include;
a. Preoccupation with sexual thoughts throughout the day.

b. Guilt, shame, confusion

c. Tendency towards other impulsive behaviors like gambling and alcoholism

d. Depression, anxiety or other co-occurring psychological disorders.

However, there are treatment options available for such individuals experiencing this disorder. These are:
If you believe you have a compulsion or addiction,its worth seeing a mental health professional for evaluation.

Depending on how porn is impacting your life,your therapist may recommend individual/Group,Couples Therapy/Counselling.
  • Individual/Group Therapy-  This with a qualified mental health professional is always a safe approach. It usually consist of 30-60 minutes sessions, focusing on behaviors related to porn addiction. It allows you to be in a community of others with similar experience.
  • Couples Therapy/ counselling- This can be very important for partners when one or both watch porn in unhealthy way. It resolves addictions and improving communication relations and healthy sexual functioning between the two partners

  • Support groups- Many people find strength in talking to others who have first hand experience with the same issue. This provides an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings about diseases or treatment.
  • Sleep, food and exercise. Sleep can help prevent pornography addiction. Research studies find that both teenagers and adults are seriously deprived of sleep. Sufficient sleep is especially crucial for anyone wanting to find freedom from addiction.
    ■ Also food is another way of prevention. If you want to build strength in this battle take a look at the food you take. Don’t listen to what others tell you to eat, listen to your own body.
    ■ In addition to sleep and food you can exercise. When exercising, a flood of oxygen heads to your brain and other processes are triggered to help your brain grow. You are rewiring the brain in a healthy way and giving it an extra boost to function quickly.

Published by: Pearl Osei-Yeboah

Photo credit by the Atlantic, hacker noon, health line,, hentai rider, rageon and Pinterest.

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