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Alcoholism also known as alcohol disorder is a condition in which you have the desire to consume alcohol even though you know the negative effect it has on your body .Alcohol like most drugs is legal but can be illegal . It is legal when in the possession of adults, from the legal age of 18 years in most countries and 21 years in the United States . It is illegal when in the possession of one not of the legal ages  . It  causes hyper- activeness in its users . Most people rely on alcohol to help bury their worries , a good feeling enjoyed by most and its continuous consumption can lead to addiction.  


You are likely to misuse alcohol if you answer with a yes option to the following questions ;

  • Do you drink alone?
  • Do you take alcohol before eating ?
  • Do you get angry or violent when you are asked about your alcohol intake?
  • Do you miss school or work just to consume alcohol ?
  • Do you feel guilty after consuming alcohol ?
  • Do you experience blackouts whenever you consume alcohol ?

The answers to these various questions shows that you are likely to become an alcohol addict.


Alcoholism is influenced by a variety of factors .Alcoholism does not discriminate ,just like death it can have an effect on anyone regardless of your age, gender ,color ,or ethnicity , the only difference between this two is that with alcohol you have full control over it . This causes alcoholism if;

  • You have low self -esteem
  • You  are  stressed 
  •  You have close relatives with alcoholism history


Alcohol’s effect on your body starts the moment you take your first sip. Alcohol abuse can have a long term life threatening effect on you if left untreated . Alcohol acts as a powerful depressant in the central nervous system , it can have effect on your behavior, mood, mental health and cognition .

 • If you abuse alcohol you are likely to experience black out (ie)a temporary loss of consciousness .


Overcoming an addiction  to alcohol is not easy , it requires lot of time , effort and mental energy . Take it one day at a time. If you want to put a stop to alcohol you can. You have to;

 • Avoid bad influence – distance yourself from people who encourage you to drink ; some friends may make fun of you but it is better to loose them as friends than to loose yourself .

 • If in the past you tried to stop drinking , ask yourself what you did that worked  and what you did that didn’t work . 

• If you live with your family tell them about how you want to recover from alcohol addiction .FOR EXAMPLE       I will not drink before eating any food.   I will not drink anything alcoholic on weekends, with this clear announcement of your goal your family will serve as a reminder when you even try to go back to the old you.

.• Alcohol counseling – a counselor can help you develop personalized strategies to overcome alcohol, depending on how severe your drinking problem is .

• You are not alone – if you are heart broken ,you might feel unloved ,instead of thinking that way , celebrate the fact that you are choosing to focus on yourself right now , meet up with your family or friends and have fun .

• Rehab – sometimes quitting alcohol on your own is not possible. You can visit rehabilitation centers ,you need to talk to professionals in other to settle on what you need .

• Do no stock alcohol at home – make sure your home is free from alcoholic drinks ,even if your friends bring it to your home make sure you dispose off the left overs .  




BY Kukua Gardiner


  1. I love it
    I read this blog last 3days and I think my alcohol intake has reduced significantly

    Keep up with the good work


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